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500LB Fishing Magnet Kit

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925LB Fishing Magnet Kit

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The Beast!

1200lb Fishing Magnet Kit

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Step it up

Beast Box

Step your game up with the full metal carrying case and 1200lb double-sided magnet kit

clean waters

environmentally friendly

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They weren't joking when they named this kit the beast! The best part is it can mount as a top or side magnet too so I don't have problems magging deep water under docks!

Camden W.

Beefy! This bad boy get's it done! (925lb) The pictured beam is my largest find to date and probably weighed close to 100lbs and it didn't stand a chance. The mag got it right up!

Conner R.

If it's there these mags will snag it! I have several PBC Magnets for different location setups and I can't say 1 has let me down yet!

Kreig J.