925lb Fishing Magnet

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  • ALL IN ONE FISHING MAGNET: This magnet is everything you need to salvage metal from Lakes, Beaches, River's, and Ponds. We made sure you are supplied with top quality magnets so you can get right to the water.
  • HIGH STRENGTH: Our magnets are made using durable and high-strength Neodymium material that's coated to prevent the risk of rusting to make sure it provides reliable and long term use. This rare-earth magnet with eyebolt offers 925lb (419kg) of pulling force
  • HEAVY-DUTY 304 STAINLESS CASE: You need a powerful stainless steel case to protect your investment and that is why we only use the best! 304 Stainless is the highest quality of rust resistant metal. Magnet fish with peace of mind knowing that PBC has your back!
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Whether you're going scrap fishing or treasure hunting, our Neodymium magnets have you covered. We refuse to skimp on quality so you can fish in salt or fresh water with no worries about rust. Our powerful magnets outperform the competition with some of the highest weight ratings guaranteeing you'll pull in what you catch! 
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Making sure our customers are satisfied with their purchase is our top priority which is why we don't hesitate to go the extra mile. If you aren't happy with this neodymium magnet then send back within 30 days for a refund


Enhance Your Magnet Fishing Experience The Easy Way With PBC Products Fishing Magnets

Whether you’re trying to grab something you dropped in the water or trying to fish for treasure at the pond, you can count on PBC magnetics fishing magnets to get the job done.

Each magnet is made using N38 Neodymium material with a rust-resistant coating. Unlike the rest, our underwater magnets offer an impressive pull force of 925lbs (419kg) allowing you to grab and pull up a lot more than just pennies and nails.

Wide Application Magnet for River & Lake Magnet Fishing

With a high magnetic force, PBC's fishing magnets are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to find hidden treasures under the waters surface! Easily Pick up tools and metal objects or it can be used for quick and easy boat anchor recoveries.



More Convenient Features:
- 304 stainless case! Rust free guaranteed.
- High strength eyebolt! guaranteed to stay structurally sound even under the pull of a winch.
- Ideal for lifting and recovering items you’ve dropped in rivers, lakes or hard to reach water areas
- Coated in 3 layers of Ni, Cu, and Ni to ensure long term and reliable performance

Package Includes:
1 x Fishing Magnet with 925 Pounds of Pulling Force
1 x eyebolt


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